Friday, April 17, 2009

The Soviet Union is Winning the Cold War!

What’s that you say? You thought the cold war ended with the dissolution of the soviet war? The Cold War was not fought so much with guns but with information. One of the Soviets greatest tactics was the use of disinformation, which is intentionally false information that is liberally circulated. They would spread so much disinformation that it became next to impossible for the U.S. intelligence agencies to sift through it all to find the true information.

But how is the Soviet Union winning the cold war if it doesn’t even exist you ask? Well, I answer your question with another question. What would be the best way to be able to make the U.S. move on and forget about the Soviet Union’s mission to destroy Capitalism? Convince the American government that the Soviet Union doesn’t exist. I’m no conspiracy-theorist by any means, but I would like to discuss a possibility…

Operation Kholstomer was a Soviet planned maneuver to cause the U.S. citizens to beg for communism. The plan involved creating an immense panic in the U.S. Financial Systems that would result in the mass decline of the dollar, the bond (credit) markets freezing and crashing, the Dow plummeting, and people selling off their investments and buying gold (commodities). This economic crash would result in a
deep recession where unemployment would rise to unseen levels. Then the people would demand communism because the true flawed nature of capitalism and democracy would be shown.*

You may have never heard of such an operation, because it was never truly put into effect… until today. With the current economic crisis, people are clamoring for ‘MORE GOVERNMENT’ and blaming capitalism or as they call it “free markets” for the cause of this crisis. The American people are reacting exactly as was planned in Operation Kholstomer. Although you don’t hear anyone saying, “We want communism/socialism” We are basically demanding for the characteristics of such a socioeconomic structure. Let’s look further into this. What makes communism/socialism? The establishment of equalism, a classless society, and state ownership.

EQUALISM is a political doctrine that holds that all people should be treated as equals and have the same political, economic, social, and civil rights. This same doctrine is at the heart of Democracy as well (i.e. ’inalienable rights endowed by their creator’**). I believe this is a quality that is required to make a successful society. If people cannot progress there will be no motivation.

CLASSLESS SOCIETY - refers to a society which lacks social class - distinctions of wealth, income, education, culture, or social network. If you tax the rich and take away their bonuses and do the opposite to the poor you essential create equalism. One of the major characteristics of Communist Russia was the equal pay rate for workers.

Are we there? No. Heading in that direction? Yes. Is this a bad thing? Let me once again answer that question with a question of my own. Let’s take a hypothetical situation. You make widgets and receive $100 a day for your work. You have to produce a minimum of 5 Widgets to get paid and there is no incentive for producing more. If you were totally capable of producing 20 widgets in a day, would you make more than 5? I bet you wouldn’t and if you would 99% of the population wouldn’t.

Let’s take this further… Let’s apply this to the U.S. We’ll round the population to 300 Million and we’ll say that the average person is capable of completing 6 widgets in a day. The People are only being paid for 5 widgets when they are capable of producing one more widget per day… The U.S. would be loosing on a daily basis $6 Billion of sellable widgets. That’s not even taking into consideration the markup from labor costs, plus any materials markup. On a yearly basis that would $1.5 Trillion. You may contest,” but not everyone works to their full potential now!” True… but if you were offered an extra $20 for every extra widget produced per day ,wouldn’t the majority of people do it? Yes! This is a very simplified example, but very real example of the consequences of a Classless society…

STATE OWNERSHIP - A simple example is the current recovery plan… where the government is taking ownership in companies in exchange for TARP money. Another example is the Federal Housing Recovery Act, under this act the Federal Government is taking over part of the mortgage that they can’t afford… Ignoring the stupidity of this, it means that the Government will own a portion of millions of American homes.


By no means are we communists, but we are getting closer than we may think. If our founding fathers were to see where we are and what we’ve become I could only imagine their disgust. In the youthful days of Soviet Communism, it was viewed as the hope of the nation. Everyone was to be equal and it was to be the future! As history tells us… forced financial equality and government control results in government oppression and lost productivity. If you take away the money from the rich and give it to the poor… you take away the motivation for productivity and hard ward. As much as we pretend it isn’t the case, money is the motivating factor that makes us work. If there is no opportunity to further ourselves financially, our countries output with diminish and fall apart…

*Trahair, Richard C. ‘Encyclopedia of Cold War Espionage, Spies and Secret Operations’ , 2004, P.224-6
** The U.S. Consititution


  1. I've never hated communism more... is this burning (i feel against communism) an eternal flame?

  2. ...It is the same burning, eternal RAGE that I feel...


    The childish idolatry of ideas of freedom for the rich to exploit the poor through economic inequity, has historically always given rise to tyranny of the worst form -
    Fascist Dictatorship.

    It is absurdly naive, (like the naivety of a very young child that unconditionally trusts all adults, whether they are good or bad), to assume that capitalism starts out and remains as a level playing field, for all. IT DOES NOT. The origins of capitalism do not lie in a golden age in the past when everybody got together and decided to make the world a better place for all to thrive and prosper in a fair economic system, that always rewarded justly and equitably, hard work and determination. NO. Capitalism has its historical origins in the systematic exploitation of those who create the wealth of society (workers), by those who 'own' society (corporate/economic elites). The two are not the same now - they never were the same in the past - and never will be the same in the future, until all unjust and inequitable hierarchical structures of corporate feudal exploitation,
    are annihilated.

    Preferable peacfully.
    But not neccessarily so.

    The Light Is Coming.